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samedi 27 août 2011

La Banque Islamique de Développement recrute pour son Bureau à Rabat plusieurs profils

Auteur : Administrateur

Islamic Development Bank


PhD degree in Economics, Master's degree in Economics might be deemed acceptable under special circumstances (i.e. distinguished achievements and accomplishments) with 10 years of experience.
Job Purpose
To monitor and carry out, under the supervision of the Country Department in the IDB Headquarters in Jeddah, periodic reviews of economic developments in assigned member countries, including global/regional markets and trends, and to participate in delivery of country strategy, portfolios reviews, economic and sector work, project documents.
-  Masters degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering/Related Field, Environmental Studies, Science or equivalent with 10 years of experience.
Job purpose
To participate in close coordination with the Infrastructure Department of the IDB Headquarters in delivery of the Bank's Energy Projects including identification, preparation, appraisal, supervision and administration of loans and Technical Assistance Operations in the RRA constituency, and in advancing the Bank work on Energy Sector, especially the Renewable Energy projects,
A CIVIL ENGINEER (Health and Education Projects (REF: IDB-HDS)
  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or related discipline, Master degree is preferred, with good knowledge of social projects in the sectors of education and health.
  • 10 years of experience.
Job purpose :
-  To participate, in close coordination with the Human Development Department, in delivery of the Bank's Education and Health projects, including identification, preparation, appraisal supervision and administration of IDB operations in the RRA constituency, and in advancing the Bank's work on Education and Health sectors.
Created in 1975 to foster socio-economic development in member countries and Muslim communities in compliance with Shari'ah, the Islamic Development Bank has an authorized capital of US$ 45.78 billion and has a Triple A rating from Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch Ratings. At present, the IDB has 56 member countries (all of them members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference). In addition to the Bank proper, the IDB Group (IDBG) includes several affiliates (IRTI, ITFC, ICIEC and ICD). Please see IDB's site at
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